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Conductive plastic element potentiometers offer essentially infinite resolution and longer life than wirewound element potentiometers Use wirewound Too many choices? Call 610-359-1002, fax 610-353-1674 or email

P1991 Conductive Plastic Linear Motion Potentiometer
Rugged for Harsh Environments. Long life raised molded track element. Heavy duty & cost effective. Made in USA .
P1991 Potentiometer
  • Supplied with MS connector
  • Stainless Steel Shaft :(Diameter .25" diameter)
  • Spherical Ball ends for easy alignment
  • Gold Plated Terminals - Precious Metal Contacts
  • Anodized Aluminum Body -
  • Conductive [PLastic Element - Essentially Infinite Resolution
  • Stroke lengths : 1" to 15"
  • Resistance Values : 500Ω to 100KΩ depending on stroke length.

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