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Industrial Joysticks. Lab grade, heavy duty, mill duty, weather proof. For proportional & step control. Analog, Potentiometer, 4-20mA, Hall Effect, Switches outputs. Many handle options. Drop in & panel mounting. Push button handles. Contact us for your joystick options.

Joystick Handle Travel

1 axis dwg
One axis joysticks
two axis joystick Two axis joysticks three axis joystick triple axis joysticks three axisjoystcks

1 Axis Joysticks

2 Axis Joysticks

3 Plus Axis Joysticks

0.75" Height above panel
1.73" Height above panel
1.5" Height above the panel
J34 Joystick
J34 Joystick
"Rocker Pot"
1.5" Height above panel
1.5" Height above the panel
J3LIA10SB joystick
J40 Joystick
sCS3 joystick
1.7" Height above the panel
1.5" Height above panel
2.3" Height above the panel
J50 joystick
CS3 joystick
J50-KK joystick
4" Height above the panel
2.3" Height above panel
4" Height above the panel
PRO4 joystick
J50 joystick
C90 joystick
4.5" Height above the panel
4" Height above the panel
8.4" Height above the panel
J90 joystick
VCS Joystick
4.53" Height above the panel
4.1" Height above panel
9.5" Height above the panel

XL-VNSO Series Joystick

PRO5 joystick
J90 Joystick
Fighter grip handle
Fighter grip handle
5.16" Height above the panel
4.4" Height above the panel
Fighter grip handle
Fighter grip handle
PRO6 joystick
CS1 Joystick
5.3" Height above the panel
5.9" Height above panel
Muliti- Function Fighter Grip Handles- Pushbuttons, rocker pots
1 Axis
2 axis
3 plus axis
Additional Models & options available. Contact us with your requirement.
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J3R ROCKER POT J1 SWITCH STICK J30-NM30-SB J34 JOYSTICK J34-NL30-SB J3L-IA10-SB J40-CN20-SB CS3 JOYSTICK J50-CR20-SB CS3 JOYSTICK J50-KK24-SMB PRO4 JOYSTICK J50-CR24-SMB C90 COBRA HEAD J90-CQ20-SMB PRO5 Joystick J90 joystick VCSO Joystick PRO6 Joystick CS1 Joystick rocker potentiometer