Joystick PRO4 : 1 Axis Potentiometer /Contact outputs. Made in USA US flag


Deadman Brake Handle Model BH

Fighter Grip Handle Model FG3

Handle Model G56

Switch Handle RHN-01

Switch Handle Model RHS-01

Round Ball Handle

dead man brake
Fighter Grip handle
G56 handle
Rocker switch handle
Rocker switch handle
round ball handle
PRO4 joystick
  • PRO4 : Ultra-rugged proportional control for Scissor lifts, Cranes, etc

  • Up to 10 stepped detents.
  • Handle will spring return to center or friction hold in place.
  • Cast Aluminum body, plated steel side plates, self lubricating bearings, stainless steel return arms and compression style return spring system.
  • Potentiometers: 5K- 3 terminal or !0K- 4 terminal (center tap) and 4 or 6 switches/ contacts (10 AMP 125, 250 VAC
  • Handle travel: 2 X 36 degrees : potentiometer / hall effect . 2 X 20 degrees for switches/contacts.
  • Screw terminal block for easy wiring.
  • IN STOCK : PRO4N-35892 (Not shown)
  • Features 6 contacts (switches) , 3-2-1-0-1-2-3
  • 3 switches on either side of the handle center position.
  • Handle will spring return to center. Ball handle. Dust proof rubber boot. No potentiometer just switches.
  • PRO4 Single Axis Joystick.pdf
  • PRO4 with directional switches.pdf
  • PRO4 Handle options.pdf
  • Output options: 4-20mA, potentiometer, switches.

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PRO4 Grears
Pro4 Terminals
PRO4 JOystick
PRO4 Joystick
Mechanical Interlock Handle Option (above): Lift collar with fingers to unlock and move handle.
Mechanical Interlock handle