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C90 potentiometers-switches

Industrial One Axis Joysticks : Handle travels Forward & Back.

J3R J3R rocker potentiometer
J3L Single axis joystick
  • J3L Series Small Finger Operated Single Axis Joystick

  • Standard one 10K ohm potentiometer, handle will spring return to center. Wire leads.
  • 3.29" height top to bottom - includes wire leads
  • Available with various handles.
  • Available with 2 directional micro switches.
Pro4 Single axis  joystick PRO4 single axis joystick
  • PRO4 Series - Cranes, Mining, Forestry - Economical Robust

  • Proportional control for electro-hydraulic valves
  • and AC/DC variable speed drives. Scissor lifts, Cranes, etc
  • Available with steps & stepless design
  • Handle will spring return to center or friction hold
  • Available with locking handle, lift collar under knob to move handle.
  • Output : Potentiometer - 4-20mA- Directional Switches/Contacts
  • Screw terminals for easy wiring. Bang/bang joystick.
  • PRO5 Series - NEMA4 WEATHERPROOF Housing

  • Rugged Cast Housing. For Harsh Environments- Economical
  • Available with various handles, switches.
  • HANDLE LOCK protects against accidental bumps.
  • Screw terminals for easy wiring.
  • Outputs available :Potentiometer, 4-20mA- Directional Switches
  • Back and forth. Spring return to center or stay in place handle.
PRO6 Single Axis Joystick PRO6 joystick PRO5 NEMA4 joystcik
  • PRO6 Single Axis Controller For Harsh Environments

  • The ultra-rugged PRO6 features a smooth field adjustable friction brake.
  • Used where speed must remain constant under continuous shock
  • and vibration. 20 million cycle life.
  • Rugged 10 mm diameter handle shaft.
  • 4" height above the panel.
  • Output : 5K 3 terminal or 10K 4 terminal potentiometer.
  • Hall effect pot or up to 4 switches.
NSO joystick
  • NSO-SFA Series - For extreme environmental requirements

  • Robust joysticks with aluminium diecast consoles and metal gears. Their resistance against ozone, UV radiation, oil and maritime climate makes them especially suitable for heavy-duty applications and also in potentially explosive areas
  • Available with various handles, switches.
  • Outputs: Switch operations with max. 7-0-7 positions, as well as potentiometers , 4-20mA and absolute encoders.
  • Back and forth. Spring return to center or stay in place handle.
J50 joystick J50 joystick
  • J50 Series Industrial Joystick

    Potentiometer for proportional output, directional and center
  • detect switches available.
  • Available with push button handlle, switches, many options
  • Typically 6" height top to bottom - 4" above the panel
  • Available with spring return or hold in place.
J3L Joystick