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Joystick PRO6 : Heavy Duty - 1 Axis  (Back & Forward)

PRO6 Joystick
  • PRO6 Single Axis Controller For Harsh Environments

  • The ultra-rugged PRO6 features a smooth field adjustable friction brake.
  • Used where speed must remain constant under continuous shock
  • and vibration. 20 million cycle life.
  • The PRO6 also features a positive center detent so the operator can
  • "feel" the handle center position.
  • - Rugged 10 mm diameter handle shaft.
  • - 4" height above the handle.
  • - Handle has spring return and friction hold options.
  • - Output : 5K 3 terminal or 10K 4 terminal potentiometer.
  • Hall effect pot or up to 4 switches.

PRO6 Joystick pdf

PRO6 Handles :

dead man brake
rhn handle
Push Button Switch Handle
BH Deadman Brake
RH Handle
MG27 Push Button
Round ball handle
G56 handle
Mechanical Interlock Handle
  • Round Ball Handle
  • G56 Handle - Push button, rocker switches & thumbwhels.
    • Locking Handle - Lift Collar Lock with fingers to move handle.