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SAJ2515 : One Axis. Spring return to center or one end. US flag

  • SAJ2515 with "G" round 2 1/4" diameter knob. Made in USA

  • Handle spring returns to center postion.140 degrees total handle travel.
  • Single axis , center tapped 5K potentiometer standard
  • Options : Spring return to one end, mounting bracket , two switches.
  • Power rating 1 watt. Conductive plastic element for long life.
  • Available resistance values : XXX= 500 ohms, 1K,2K,5K 10K or 20K ohms.
  • Available without G knob or F handle : SAJ2515-XXX
  • Spring return to one end SAJ3000-xxx ohms.
  • SAJ2515-G-XXX Drawing pdf
SAJ-G-knob saj2515-side