Joystick VCSO : Rugged , Corrosion Resistant ,

1 & 2 Axis Potentiometer &/or Switches.

VCSO Joystick
  • VCSO Compact proportional control for A/C or D/C drives, electro-hydraulics.

  • All plastic rugged Zytel housing makes this joystick ideal for corrosive environments.
  • - Will accommodate 6 contacts and potentiometer in each axis in a 4.75" square area.
  • - Features an all new detent system : 6-0-6 detented steps.
  • - Six double pole contact blocks each axis (field replaceable).
  • - Available with mechanical interlock handle to prevent accidental operation.
  • - Handle travel; =/-37 degrees.
  • - 4" height above the panel.
  • VCSO Joystick pdf
  • VCS2V Joystick
    VCS2V Joystick
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